What is Astrojax?

Astrojax – today one of the most popular toys in the world, consisting of three rubber or plastic balls, on a rope, two of which are fixed on its ends, and the third freely slides between them. Especially the spectacular effect is produced by luminous models of astrojex, which in the darkness write out extraordinarily beautiful colorful figures.

Astrojax is a completely new kind of game that is very easy to learn and master various tricks and movements. The game with Astros-games is similar to the game in a yo-yo. It consists in the fact that by rotating these three balls on a rope you will get different shapes. To do this, one of them is held in their hands, while the other two are thrown into each other and twisted.

Since astrojax is an energetic game, almost all parts of the body are involved in it. Therefore, it has a beneficial effect on your body.

You do not need a lot of space to play with Astrojax. Therefore, you can use it both in the apartment and in any public place. Especially popular is the luminous astro-discus in discos, nightclubs, and parks.

Every day astrojax increases the number of players around the world who invent new and exciting tricks. Astrojex won the prestigious award of toys in the United States and already has three different categories in the Guinness Book of Records.

 Astrojax is a completely new breed of toys, a real sense of rhythm and your personal lifestyle !!!

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