Astrojax Tips

Astrojax Tuning Kit Tips

The TUNING KIT lets you create your own personal Astrojax. Each set comes with two balls in new colors, three extra strings (one neon day-glow string for spectacular “laser” effects when playing under UV-light). The Pin Popper lets you easily remove the black plastic pins and change strings and balls.

Tip #1 – Straighten the string for better playing.
After the string has been attached to the Astrojax balls you can straighten the string before playing by spraying it with spray starch or water and then hang to let dry.

Tip #2 – Removing the Astrojax pins.
To quickly remove the pins from the balls – pull the string attached to the pin as far back as possible to allow an opening for the pin popper. Some pins are harder to remove the first time. The pins become easier to remove after they have been removed once.

Tip #3 – Customizing the ball color.
You can customize your Astrojax V-Max even more by changing around the outer shells with other colors. You will need a small Philips screwdriver to take the shells apart. Then you can have half a ball red and half a ball blue (or any other color combination).

Tip #4 – Pin Popper Clicks.
If the pin popper starts to make a clicking sound when turning then the string may be wrapped around the pin and jamming it. Remove the pin popper and make sure the string is pulled out of the way as much as possible and try again.

Tip #5 – String Length.
You can adjust the Astrojax string length with sissors. A Tuning Kit is needed to remove and replace the strings. Change the length to what best fits you. Many younger players prefer shorter strings when first learning Astrojax.

Also known as Astro-Jax, Astrojacks, and Astro-Jacks.