Astrojax FAQ’s

1. What  Astrojax should I buy for a start?

For a beginner player, we recommend the models: AJ Plus and AJ Aqua.As AJ Plus is lightweight rubber balls, and AJ Aqua is filled with liquid, they can not break and harm you and others.

2. What does the liquid center in Astrojax Aqua give?

The liquid center is a revolutionary technology. Balls are filled with a special liquid, through which your tricks will get more smooth and graceful.

3. What is the length of the string in Astrojax?

The thread length of each AJ is different. For example, in V-max 84cm +/- 1; Blue diamond 90cm +/- 1; and Aqua is about 130 cm. But it all depends on your feelings. The thread can be shortened or changed to a longer one.

4. Can I make a hybrid from different Astrojax?

We do not recommend you a hybrid because each model has different weight balls and this can only lead to thread entanglement and injury.

5. What are the tricks?

The simplest tricks, such as Vertical orbit, Horizontal orbit, and Butterfly are described in the booklet that comes with each AJ model. But there are many other tricks that you can find on our website in the Astrojax tricks section. Since this game was invented not so long ago, players are still continuing to come up with new tricks to it.

6. What should I do if Astrojax crashed or torn the thread?

Don’t be upset! In our store in the accessories section, you can find spare parts in sets (Tuning Kit). Also, you will find a device (Pin Pop Set) which makes it easy to replace the rope and balls on your Astrojax. Also, you will find batteries for the luminous AJ models.

7. Why is Blue Diamond more expensive than Saturn?

The principle of operation of these AJs is almost the same, but the difference is that in Blue Diamond there are super-bright 12k diodes (which in themselves are very expensive), and in AJ Saturn there are diodes weaker, so in the dark Blue Diamond looks more impressive.