Astrojax Tricks


Start the game by grabbing the extreme balls with both hands so that the middle ball is down. Gently releasing one of the balls begin to produce rhythmic movements so that they do not touch each other. From this movement, you will start to get a vertical orbit.

Vertical orbit.

In small, smooth jerks free ball continues to vertically write out the orbit around the middle ball.

Horizontal orbit.

Smooth circular motions of your hand move from a vertical position to a horizontal one.


When you combine the movements of the vertical and horizontal orbits, you will get a movement called a butterfly or eight.
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AJ holder.

With a special holder, your AJ will always be at hand. Insert the balls into the connectors of the holder (it is better to start inserting from the bottom connector), wind the rope around the holder in the form of an eight, stretch the end through the hole at the bottom and you can safely put it in your pocket.


The secret of AJ is located in the heart of each ball – it’s a metal mechanism with an accurate weight, which concentrates in a mass, allowing the balls to rotate around each other at extraordinary speed. This acceleration effect is similar to a rapidly rotating skater or a snowboarder flying from the mountainside.



Never play your astrojax actively around people and animals and keep always a safe distance when performing stunts on a grand scale.


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