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Astrojax Weave New Toy Generation

Today one of the most popular toys in the world

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Want Is Astrojax?

Astrojax – today one of the most popular toys in the world, consisting of three rubber or plastic balls, on a rope, two of which are fixed on its ends, and the third freely slides between them. Especially the spectacular effect is produced by luminous models of astrojax, which in the darkness write out extraordinarily beautiful colorful figures.

Astrojax is a completely new kind of game that is very easy to learn and master various tricks and movements. The game with Astros-games is similar to the game in a yo-yo. It consists in the fact that by rotating these three balls on a rope you will get different shapes. To do this, one of them is held in their hands, while the other two are thrown into each other and twisted.

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Astrojax Tricks From Professionals

Learn the best tricks from the aj Pros! The second interactive Astrojax Learning CD with 50 new Astrojax tricks is finally available. All moves are explained with video clips you can watch in slow motion forward and backward and even frame by frame. CD comes with 3 special Astrojax collector’s badges that you can iron onto your baseball cap or other aj gear. Runs on both PC and Mac.

New Astrojax Weave

New handmade astrojax weave, more flexible, plays well, this new design is made by artisans in Guatemala, this new project started a year ago so we can have it ready for you this year, this is your opportunity to get our brand new design for a regular you can learn more at Astrojax Maya Sky

Astrojax Plus Combo

The original Astrojax sports a patented construction with precision-machined metal weights inside the soft, low-density polyurethane foam mantle of each ball. Astrojax PLUS is specially designed for dynamic swing and rebound tricks where you let the balls bounce off your body or off the floor and walls. PLUS is the ideal Astojax for training new tricks and also perfectly suited for beginners.
Each set of Astrojax comes with a trick sheet, an aj-dos™ (Astrojax Docking Station) which is useful for carrying or storing Astrojax and the Interactive Trick CD.

Astrojax Tuning Kits

Create your own personal Astrojax with an Astrojax Tuning Kit. Each kit comes with two new colored balls, three replacement strings and a special tool (Pin Popper) to help you easily remove the pins and change strings and balls.

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Astrojax Saturn Blue Diamond

Astrojax Blue Diamond is a sacred AJ with a sturdy polycarbonate casing inside which are super-bright blue LEDs.

This model has two glow modes:

1) the usual mode (when driving there is a continuous trace)

2) disco mode (stroboscope effect, which is often used at parties and discos, creates a feeling of a lot of quickly jumping balls).

The kit includes a plastic holder key, for carrying and switching modes and illustrating the basic tricks. Impresses the evening parties and discos.

Each ball features two bright LEDs that create dazzling light patterns when you play. Through an elegant push button control, the LED’s, which come in three different colours, can be switched on and set to either continuous mode or disco mode. CONTINUOUS mode creates patterns reminiscent of beautiful bengal light effects, while DISCO™ is a strobe effect that produces sparkling light traces in space.

SATURN sports the same patented construction with precision-machined metal weights as aj PLUS but comes in durable polycarbonate shells and has a specially tailored chip inside with replacable batteries.

Each set of Astrojax comes with a trick sheet and an aj-dos™ (Astrojax Docking Station™) which is useful for carrying or storing Astrojax.